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You must be 21 year and above
and a wholesaler or retailer to purchase products from this website. It is your responsibility to know your state and local laws regarding the possession and use of tobacco pipes and accessories.

"For tobacco use only"


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Fumed and Twisting HP New
Made with highly durable borosilicate glass, these glass pipes have been decorated with multiple col..

Ball HP New
Designed from an assortment of multi-colored borosilicate glass, these hand pipes measure 3 Inches i..

Flat mouth Dicro HP New
Crafted with assorted color  Dichro hand pipes and  left hand sides of the bowl , this gla..

Frit Swirl Hand Pipes New
These newly designed assorted 3.5" Double Glass Frit Swirl Hand Pipes are perfect for a smooth smoki..

Flat Mouth HP New
3.5 Inches spiral arts assorted  color flat mouth Hand Pipes...

Mix Frit HP New
Designed with a myriad of confetti styled color markings, these glass pipes measure at 3.75” inches ..

Straight Water Pipe New
The 15 Inches Assorted Thick Straight Water Pipe presents you with a simple, straight forward water ..

Thick Straight Water Pipe New
The 13 Inches Fumed Assorted Thick Straight Water Pipe offers the stability of a glass&nbs..

Fumed Assorted Thick Beaker Water Pipe New
The 12 Inches Fumed Assorted Thick Beaker Water Pipe offers the stability of a glass beaker pipe cas..

The 13 Inches Thick Beaker Water Pipe offers the stability of a glass beaker pipe cast in thick, rug..

9 Inches 14MM 6 Mini Perc Black and White  bend Water Pipe 803...

This ultra-sweet 7 Inches honeycomb concentrate pipe is crafted from high quality, heat-resistant, r..

These assorted 8.5 Inches long Pipes fuse the comfort and charm. A generous bowl allows you to pack ..

Looking like some kind of magical glass pipe harvested from an ocean reef, the 4 Inches Bobble Head ..

200GM, 7.5 Inches Assorted Mix Color Full Reversible Handmade Heavy Bubbler...

28mm., 8 Inches Clear with different sticker and slider Bong...

Green and Blue Tree Perc Hummer Bubbler with assorted Color Art US made Heavy..

3.75 Inches and 75 gram beautiful hand pipe. Frit on head and mouth assorted mix color hand pipe.Tot..

Assorted Color and Design Acrylic Water Pipe 2x9 Inches. ..


Beautifully designed and engineered this metal grinder includes a catcher and filter screen. These m..

4.5IN. Rectangle Assorted Frit on Art Havy Hand Pipe...

These clear blue Chubbler Bubblers are perfect for those who are always on the go and want a durable..


Designed with an assortment of spiral sliver fumed color patterns, each glass pipe measures 3.25 inc..

Made from high grade borosilicate glass, these glass hand pipes measure 3.25 inches in length, mouth..

Forged from a combination of blue and purple colored borosilicate, this hummer bubbler was meticulou..

4.5 Inches Head Dicro Hummer shape Marbal Hand Pipe...

3.25 IN Assorted Color Twisted Dicro One Hitter...

These twisted and green color hand pipes were made with borosilicate glass, known for its ..

This Green 9" traveler water pipe has a nice simple design meant to provide the customer with a styl..

5 Inches Acrylic Assorted Color Guitar Pipe...

215GM, 7.75 Inches Gold Fume Bobble Art Heavy Hummer and Sherlock Bubbler...

4.25 Inches Diamond Cut Assorted Color with Cap Metal Pipe...

The 3 Inches Fumed Light Ribbon mouth square Hand Pipe packs a lot of detail into a conveniently sma..

3.5 Inches Assorted Color and Mouth Twist Hand Pipe...


Assorted Color and Design Acrylic Water Pipe 1.5x8 Inches. ..

These assorted 3.5 Inches Ring Hand Pipes are fully saturated with color and ornate detail, mind war..

115GM, 4.5 Inches Color Changing Diro and Marble Sherlock...

14 Inches, 795GM. Beaker Spiral Perc with Splash Guard Blue Tube 55/45MM, 19MM and WT 4MM..

The 6.5 inches Spotted Frit Bubbler is a sterling example of why glass bubbler pipes are so popular...

3.25 Inches Pink with Single Rim and Mouth Frit One Hitter...

These assorted 4 inches Dotted Fumed Hand Pipes are like reptilian royalty among affordable hand pip..

Blue and Green 8 inches steam roller with assorted mix and max sticker and marbles too...

Rasta Mouth Flat Color Changing One Hitter...

Diamond Cut Assorted Color Metal Pipe with Cap. ..

Hemp and cotton backpack assorted mix colors..


These assorted 4.5 Inches Full of Knocker Swirl and Rasta Head Hand Pipes find a color explosion for..

GasMask with Assorted Color Acrylic Bong...

Square Brick Pipe. This pipe was fumed with inside color arts and eye marble the inside out, hues of..

Your name doesn’t need to be Mario to get otherworldly powers from mushrooms as evidenced by the 7 i..

4 Inches Gold fume Big Color Head Hand Pipe...

Crafted from an assortment of different color arts and big head hummer bubbler, these hummer bubbler..

4.25 Inches Black Head Dicro and Heavy Marbal Heavy Hand Pipe...

Ever stumble a situation where you just one that one piece not that whole set? Well look no further,..

Ever stumble a situation where you just one that one piece not that whole set? Well look no further,..

Equipped with multiple sharp diamond teeth designed for shredding dry herb, this grinder measures 57..

Designed with rasta frit on head and mouth and join with blue white line, these glass pipes can fit ..